"Kariman is one of the most lovely people I know. She is non-judgmental and has compassion for whatever situation you're coming from. While I'm not a sugar-sugar junkie, I am quite the carb lover (and especially fantastic, local artisan breads!) Taking the RESTART challenge really brought an awareness of how my body reacts with certain foods. The biggest improvement was in my sleep which has been a struggle since I was a child (raised on a typical "white food" 70's diet.) Now on the other side I know that when I do choose things that may be less than healthy it's a conscious choice. And having the tools I learned in RESTART class allow me to mitigate those "less healthy" choices I might make post-detox so their effects aren't as profound."
Gina Reyes

"I was having a difficult relationship with food and I needed help. I had researched and tried several diets and with so much information out there, I was desperate for someone to listen to me and help me weed thru it all and find a plan that works for me and my body’s unique needs. Enter Kariman Pierce! She helped me identify my food triggers, break the sugar addiction and help me become more confident with not only my relationship with food but also in myself. She’s smart, knowledgeable, personable and funny! Now that I’m armed with the knowledge of what works for me, I know what I need to do to keep a healthy relationship with food. Thank you Kariman for helping me gain my confidence back!"

Lara Ludwick

"I took Kariman's class to address some health issues (some signs of pre diabetes, gastro esophageal reflux disease, and osteoporosis & being unable to tolerate calcium supplements), and to lose weight. My goals were: 1) To have a sense of peace about food/drink 2) Begin weight loss 3) Have fun with new recipes 4) Decreased cravings for things not so healthy for me and 5) Beginning of overall better, more healthy way of eating. I more than met my goals! I lost 8 pounds and 5 inches in three weeks! I had symptom improvements that I wasn't even aware needed improving. I learned so much and gained such motivation to continue eating well. My fasting blood sugar was 83 and it has been mostly 100-114 for more than two years! I am eating foods so high in calcium, I don't think I need to worry about not tolerating supplements anymore. Kariman did such an excellent job explaining things, motivating people, and being accepting and supportive. Highly recommend this class!"
Kathleen Bertolini

"Kariman provides compassionate, professional care. Her individualized programs are excellent for people like me who need a nutritional plan that work for a busy, working Mom. Kariman's enthusiasm for her passion is obvious and inspiring. I look forward to taking her class for the 2nd time! "
Crissi Blake

"Supremely satisfied with the assessment and with Kariman. I highly recommend."
Joan Upton

"Kariman is caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable."
Kira Geddes

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