Accountability Program

$1,357.00 2 hours


(Book your first session and we will arrange the rest after we begin)

$1357 includes weekly sessions over 3 months

Have you been spinning your wheels and feeling lost in your own thoughts?

Are you ready to have someone:

  • support your personal growth and/or business growth?
  • help you get organized and keep you accountable? 
  • give you feedback on your ideas and help bring them to life?
  • lead you directly to the results and outcomes you have been seeking? 
  • have your back??

In this 3 month coaching experience, Kariman will customize your program to fit the needs you have right now. Kariman has a large “tool belt” of systems and strategies to facilitate a unique results-driven experience.

Excellent for solopreneurs, small business owners and creatives that are ready to stop wasting time and start moving forward toward their goals and dreams NOW!

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