Dine Out Fearlessly

Dine Out Fearlessly

Are you ready to dine out fearlessly?

dine out gluten free fearlessly

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Restaurant dining is possible.

There’s no need to be terrified about going out to eat. You can go to – and eat at – the fun get-togethers with friends, family graduation celebrations and enjoy romantic dinners with your partner.

When you have celiac disease, every time you go to a restaurant, do you wonder:

  • Does the menu have something I can eat?
  • Will the server be understanding and well-informed about the food prep?
  • Is the one “safe” thing I found on the menu going to leave me hungry?

I’ve been where you are. As someone with celiac disease and a nutritional therapist, I completely understand your fears. That’s why I developed this Gluten Free Celiac Friendly Dining Guide.

Feel 100% more confident about restaurant dining – anywhere.

My Gluten Free Celiac Friendly Dining Guide teaches you:

  • How to pick the best possible restaurant to guarantee your success.
  • How to ask insightful questions about ingredients in the menu items.
  • What to ask about the kitchen’s food preparation.
  • How to enjoy eating in restaurants again!

Once you’ve downloaded and read through my FREE guide, contact me for a complimentary discovery session. We’ll discuss your particular situation and you’ll learn how nutritional therapy can place you on a path to prime health.

Or – choose to jump in and get started on your gluten free lifestyle today with my FREE Go Gluten Free Starter Kit! You’ll get the Dine Out GF Fearlessly guide + 3 additional guides delivered in one email per week for 4 weeks. Learn more!

Client Testimonial

"I decided to take Kariman’s class following some life trauma that had me barely able to eat for a while and then using food as a comfort / numbing tool. Although my diet was baseline healthy, I needed to break some patterns with food and didn’t feel capable of doing it on my own. Kariman provided the knowledge, the support, and the non-judgmental learning environment I needed! The community she fostered was amazingly supportive; so many people are knowledgeable in their field without the ability to listen and foster personal growth in others. Kariman is that rare professional who knows her stuff but also creates a space where you feel you have something to contribute, as well. This program was so positive. And my mood, energy level, and sleep quality are all incredibly improved. Highly recommended. "

Nicole Meade