Confidence Building Course

From Stuck to Unstoppable

A course in Confidence Building for Helpers & Healers

10 weeks of Community, Connection and Collaboration

Using BE-DO-HAVE Curriculum and the Genius Zone System that Kariman created exclusively for her Path & Purpose Tribe.

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The Genius Zone System (tm)

1. Reprograming you mindset. 

2. Uncovering what is holding you back.

3. Breaking from the status quo.

4. Generating power to create your future.

5. Stepping firmly into the NOW.

* The Genius Zone System is an experiential, process-based, results-driven system that Kariman developed to help you go from Stuck to Unstoppable. (We all want that, right??)

Who is the “From Stuck to Unstoppable” course for?

Heart-centered, helper & healers who are ready to look at who they are BEING in their life and work and want to take steps to up-level personally, so they can match that growth professionally. If you are ready to get unstuck and arrive in the life you’ve been thinking about and planning for for years,  this course is for you.

What is the BE-DO-HAVE Curriculum & The Genius Zone System ?

Are you familiar with this quote, attributed to Albert Einstein? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!”

How often have you thought “tomorrow things will be finally different” and yet the day comes and you are faced with the same problems and concerns?

Here’s the thing—When you HAVE the same experience day in and day out, it is because you are DOING the same thing again and again. And you may wonder, “why are things the same?” If this sounds frighteningly true to your life, then you are living life by the “HAVE-DO-BE” model.

You believe if you final HAVE the money, the work environment, the relationship etc, you will be able to DO the things you want to do and finally BE the person you dream of being—successful, rich, famous, healthy.

Unfortunately, you have it backwards.
Kariman teaches the BE-DO-HAVE model. She will show you that by BEING your best self, you can DO and HAVE everything you want.

The Genius Zone System is a 5 step process that you will be taken through to uncover your personal zone of genius.
1. Reprograming you mindset.
2. Uncovering what is holding you back.
3. Breaking from the status quo.
4. Generating power to create your future.
5. Stepping firmly into the NOW.

What is the format?

The course will be held via Zoom and in a private Facebook group. Kariman will facilitate weekly Zoom meetings over 10 weeks. You will learn, practice and be sent off to gain experience on the weekly topic. Participant engagement is strongly encouraged as this is a experiential, process-driven environment that thrives with peer-to-peer feedback and support.

What is my expected commitment as a course participant?

As the old saying goes, “the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!” Each week is curated thoughtfully and powerfully to support you in moving the needle on your own personal & professional growth.

No one is going to call you out for lurking, but honestly—-> life and business growth comes from stretching beyond your comfort zone. You do have one required job: support others in the group by interacting. You cannot put a price on peer-to-peer support and feedback. It is EVERYTHING!

What can I do TODAY to get unstuck and become unstoppable?

Join us in the “Confidence Building for Helpers & Healers“, a closed Facebook group where the conversation is going on daily. If you are ready to clear what is holding you back and step into your power, we’d love to have you!  

What will I get out of this course?

There are so many possible ways that this course will transform your personal and professional life. 

  • One past participant went from invisible to visible in their business. 
  • One participant discovered their true calling (and it is not what they thought). 
  • One participant uncovered the major obstacle that was holding them back in multiple areas of their life.
  • And SO much more…

Kariman’s BE-DO-HAVE curriculum and Genius Zone System will help you hop off the “hamster wheel of life” once and for all, and step into the best version of yourself. Are you ready?

From Stuck to Unstoppable
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