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After working with 100s of students and clients, I have observed the same pattern over and over again…

The usual route for the heart-centered helpers and healers who is are stuck and not moving froward in their life and work is to invest in:

  • learning more skills sets
  • taking more technical trainings
  • banging your head against a wall !?!?

And yet, all this effort DOES NOT directly translate into the “successful life” that you have dreamt of.

Kariman Pierce 
Path & Purpose Mentor

To be completely vulnerable, this was also me in my blife and work for my first 5 years. (Go look at my About Kariman page to see my long list of trainings!)

Then I learned the secret, the magic, to my own life and work success. It has 100% to do with who I am BEing! NOT what I am DOing.

This is an INSIDE job, folks.

Are you ready to uncover your path & purpose?

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Kariman's work given Professional Accolades

April 2019, Nicole Hodson, Executive Director of National Association of Nutrition Professionals published:

“Kariman is NANP’s Board of Directors Secretary. Over the past couple of years, Kariman has been taking some in-depth leadership courses that have transformed her business and her vision of how she will contribute to our industry.

When she found out about our BIG project, she kindly offered to walk me and my colleague through a “Desired End State” exercise.

Sounds cool, right? Well, it was more than cool. It was educational and incredibly valuable.” Read Entire Article HERE

Nicole Hodson, Executive Director
Nicole Hodson, Executive Director

Testimonial from Kariman's 1-to-1 Coaching Client

Kariman was intuitive and sensitive to my struggles and hurdles. She helped me to work through some difficult realizations, and come to a place of peace.

I did not expect to get so emotional, but digging into my WHY brought forth the passion and fire that I feel for what I’m really doing — emotions that have been buried under the weight of running my own business.
Yes. I definitely found clarity in my mission and purpose. 
I learned that there is much more to why I am doing what I am doing. I started my own business in September and was bogged down by marketing and day-to-day business tasks. Speaking with Kariman brought back out the passion that I have for helping people, which helped me to recenter and focus on what matters in my business.
I can focus on my mission with more clarity.
My biggest takeaway was that my business needs to be more advocacy and community-driven. I was so focused on my sales (or lack thereof) that I lost sight of my passion and what it is that I am trying to do. 

I would recommend that anyone who is searching for clarity or drive in their business definitely meet with Kariman and go through this process. Now, whenever I start to doubt myself or what I went into business to do, I go back to the purpose statement that we crafted together and it pushes me forward. 

Jessica Groff, Holistic Nutritionist

Testimonial from Kariman’s Mentor

"Clear, focused, confident, and fun! Those are words I use to describe Kariman Pierce, a savvy, no-nonsense business mentor devoted to helping you grow a successful holistic health practice. As a successful “nutripreneur” herself, Kariman is uniquely qualified to help you set clear, measurable goals and to quickly work through obstacles; she knows what it takes to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive landscape. In fact, I requested that Kariman serve as a mentor to my students in the Career Development Course that I teach for the Nutritional Therapy Association because of her laser-sharp knowledge of marketing for the natural health industry. Kariman will guide you toward building a custom practice, one that you’ve always dreamed of. If you are ready to take your business to a whole new level of awesome, call her now!"

Miriam G. Zacharias, MS, NTC, BCHN, President, National Association of Nutrition Professionals