Are you a solopreneur or small business owner who is  ready to take your work to the next level? Kariman will help you get clarity on your path & purpose, increase your organization skills and support you in stepping into action.  She will use inquiry tools as well as blend coaching and consulting. Bi-weekly sessions …

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I opened my first business called “Circa”.  It was a 50s modern vintage store with cool space age furniture and housewares plus local art. I loved being an entrepreneur. I loved meeting people all over the city at estate sales.  I loved serving the mus customers by following my passion.


High School was all about theatre performance and marketing photography.  University was all about studying media arts…”how to I get my message across” using visual tools. I was especially curious about ethnographic documentary video. I became aware of how I easily relate to people all over the world.  I even made a personal diary video …

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I spent my middle childhood involved in a neighborhood club called “Tigbearabbit”. We were a club of 3 neighbor kids and we were very serious about making things legit. We built a clubhouse and had regular meetings with typed up minutes (on a dot-matrix printer!). We put on performances and events and had a small …

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I was born in Jerusalem to American archeologists. My childhood summers consisted of free-range exploring all over my parent’s dig in the southern part of Israel. We lived in tents and ate in a makeshift mess hall tent next to an old bus, converted into a kitchen. I was the kid who had the job …

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