Healing Autoimmune Disease Beyond Food

Healing Autoimmune Disease Beyond Food

It has been a long and winding road since that horrific day when my body went rogue on me. It was the start of my battle and then reckoning with autoimmune disease.  

I woke up in one morning in April of 2000 feeling sluggish. As I stepped out of bed, and placed my feet upon the floor, I has the erie feeling that something was different.

I couldn’t feel my feet on the carpet below me. 

My first thought was that my feet had “gone to sleep”.  

I began to lift and lower my feet vigorously in an effort to send the blood back into them.

“Cmon feet, wake up!” I might say to myself nowadays– back then I wasn’t attuned to my body in the same way. 

I tried to stand up and quickly noticed that the muscles in my feet were not working either.  I grabbed the wall and shuffled my way to the couch in the living room. As I sat there, the shock set in. What was happening to my feet was only the beginning. I soon realized that my hands and face also had lack of feeling and zero strength.  I have never been so terrified in my life.

Much, much later after numerous medical tests that showed no positive results and numerous stumped doctors, I learned through personal research and genetic testing, that I have Celiac Disease, just like my mother. My version of this genetic disorder is called Silent Celiac which is why my symptoms looked nothing like the digestive distress my mother experienced. 

Flash forward to 2018.  I have now turned over every.single.leaf regarding recovery from autoimmune issues.  I went back to school and have made nutrient-dense food and supplements my expertise.  My work and my passion is to help those beginning this journey.

My sheer terror back in April of 2000 light a fire under me and in truth it was a gift. All that I have learned has given my life purpose. I don’t anyone to have to wait 20 years for answers and solutions! I have worked with 100s of clients over the last 5 years and am inspired by all the positive change I have seen.

The problem is, I am not satisfied.  I want to see even better outcomes!  I want to see the final annoying symptoms disappear—-in my clients AND myself.  I am a student of transformation.

I want to know what it is “in the gap” between individuals and their healing.

I have begin to peel back the layers of this inquiry. I am focused on diving deep and looking for treasure in the form of strategies, techniques, motivation and mindset shifts—all because I want everyone (including me!) to be the best selves we can be.

Life is not meant to be lived hurting, aching and miserable!

It is meant to bring happiness, health and inspiration. 

Let’s face it. We’ve got a short time here, let enjoy it!

SO, how do you heal autoimmunity beyond food?

Before I go any farther, I must say that food and supplements ARE extremely important in healing.  They are the cornerstone to the healing process.  You cannot do the food-part halfway.  You have to get gluten out entirely (no cheating!).  You must correct your deficiencies through supplementation. AFTER all that, or in combination with your work with food and supplements, you may begin to consider these 2 critical factors. 

#1 – Forgive yourself and reconnect with your body. When you are first diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, you are told that the reason you have this problem is because your body is attacking itself.

This “definition” is devastating and undermining to the process of healing.  This concept of the “attack on self” is considered a definition and yet, it is really just an inference.  

We DO NOT know why our immune system is going after our thyroid tissue, our small intestine lining, the myelin sheath covering our nerves, our brain tissue, etc. Because we do not know, it is assumed our bodies are attacking ourselves. 

This description has single-handedly created a distrust and fear of our own body! As more autoimmune disease is diagnosed world-wide, this concept is being repeated over and over. It is teaching us to dislike and disassociate with ourselves. 

You absolutely cannot heal when you stay in fear and disconnection with the body you live in.  I repeat, you CANNOT heal.  

I invite you now to make a BIG shift in your thinking. Say this to your self: “Body, I love you.  Your intelligent systems know how to heal me. I trust you.”  This may make you really uncomfortable and you might cry, like I did.  

Forgive yourself and your health practitioners for taking on the accepted description of autoimmunity and then CHANGE your personal thinking about it.  This small but mighty mindset shift will change your life, immediately.

#2 – Create specific and conscious ways every single day to bring in the light.  I do not mean the sun or lamps or candles.  

In nutritional therapist speak, we’d say “get parasympathetic”— which means neurologically switching from our busy, modern world state of “fight or flight” to a “rest and digest” state.  This is basic physiology.  

Our autonomic nervous system modulates between these two states to best support the body’s needs.  Problem is, the modern world we live in has a huge volume of constant and chronic stressors, both from outside stimuli and from within. 

We are not modulating easily between these two states.  Instead, we are stuck in “fight or fight” constantly.  This means we cannot digest our food or leave space for the allowing of good and the revealing of ideas and inspiration. 

Simply put, we do not “rest and digest” enough.  It is no wonder our health is struggling.  When you find ways to de-stress, stop, breathe, meditate,  take a walk, etc. you are balancing your nervous system.  You are consciously healing.

If you are ready to peel back your own personal layers, and dig deep into your healing….

Start here. 

Forgive yourself.

Trust your body again.

Let the light in.

Healing IS available to you.