Business Mentoring

Holistic Business Mentoring

Are you a brand new nutritionist or holistic business professional? Not sure how to get started? Or maybe you’re just feeling stuck and need a boost?

With holistic business mentoring, you’re working with an experienced, certified nutritional therapist (NTP), board member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) and Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) Career Development Course Mentor as your guide.

I’ve walked in your shoes, taken the knocks and am ready to provide well-rounded, individualistic, knowledgeable support. Together, we’ll discover what’s “in the gap” between you and your business goals.

Let me help you become the holistic business professional you want to be!

kariman pierce at computer

Kariman Pierce
Nutritional Business Mentor

Holistic Business Mentoring Discovery Session

Do you have questions about whether holistic business mentoring is a “right fit” for you? Schedule this short 1:1 chat with Kariman to discuss exactly what you want and how to get it.

15 minutes, Free.

Holistic Business Comprehensive Mentoring

Do you feel like you are “all over the place” wondering what to do next? Are you looking for clarity and focus in your business? Mentoring sessions include a business assessment, SMART goal setting, obstacle analysis, organizational strategies and accountability support. Let’s find out what is “in the gap” between you and your business goals! Your personalized mentoring program length will be determined by the framework we create together.


Start HERE:
In this initial intake session, we’ll determine your needs and lay down the beginning framework for meeting your business goals. 

Initial Intake & Action Plan. 90 minutes, $250.

Team Mentoring

Are you building a solopreneur business and looking for expert voices to help out in those “stuck” moments? Would you love to have a quick, budget-friendly Q & A session weekly or as needed to help bounce ideas around or figure out the next action step?

Team Mentoring with Kariman & Nancy provides you with quick industry-specific answers just a call away.  

Each Mentor has a unique skill set to support you:

kariman close up headshot

Kariman Pierce
NTP, CGP, RWS & Licensed RESTART© Instructor

Kariman offers goal setting, obstacle analysis, self-confidence building, resources, connections and more.

Nancy holistic nutrition business mentor

Nancy Potter
NTP, HTMA, RWS & Licensed RESTART© Instructor,

Nancy offers Market Advantage Technology© analysis, prioritizing your personal protocol, discussion of case studies and more.

Team Mentoring Punchcard

  • Includes 8 hours of Q&A via phone or Zoom online video split 4/4 between your two mentors.
  • Sessions can be used weekly, bi-weekly or as needed.
  • Punchcard expires 3 months after purchase.

8 sessions/hours. $497.00.

Comprehensive Mentoring & Team Q&A Mentoring topics that may be covered in-session: 

  • On-line business portals
  • Resume help
  • Brainstorming
  • Website review
  • Finding your niche
  • Discovering your ideal client
  • Finding your genius
  • Referral Partners
  • Goal Setting
  • Organizing your day as an entrepreneur
  • Discovering your Market Advantage Technology®
  • Case studies
  • Business type & focus
  • Scope of Practice
  • Legal considerations in your state
  • Liability
  • Business license
  • Business collateral review
  • CEU options
  • Professional Organizations
  • Advanced Training options
  • Supplement dispensaries
  • Supplement companies

You don’t have to do this alone. Let us help you uncover your authentic offer to the world!


"Clear, focused, confident, and fun! Those are words I use to describe Kariman Pierce, a savvy, no-nonsense business mentor devoted to helping you grow a successful holistic health practice. As a successful “nutripreneur” herself, Kariman is uniquely qualified to help you set clear, measurable goals and to quickly work through obstacles; she knows what it takes to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive landscape. In fact, I requested that Kariman serve as a mentor to my students in the Career Development Course that I teach for the Nutritional Therapy Association because of her laser-sharp knowledge of marketing for the natural health industry. Kariman will guide you toward building a custom practice, one that you’ve always dreamed of. If you are ready to take your business to a whole new level of awesome, call her now!"

Miriam G. Zacharias, MS, NTC, BCHN, President, National Association of Nutrition Professionals