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To place yourself firmly on the path to optimal health takes a shift of mindset.

Through nutritional therapy coaching, we’ll correct your course and address your health issues head-on. With a virtual option for convenience, you can be anywhere there’s a phone or internet connection. 

Choose your level of personal investment below:

Discovery Session

Do you have questions about whether nutritional therapy is a “right fit” for you? Schedule this short 1:1 chat with Kariman to discuss exactly what you want and how to get it.

One-time. 15 minutes, Free.

Q & A with the Nutritionist

Is your current healing diet confusing? Do you need help with foods and supplements suggestions, or new ideas for healthy habits? Book this quick, budget-friendly Q & A session to gain the answers you need to help you move forward on your personal health journey.

This is single Q&A appointment only. No assessments tools or protocols written. 50 minutes, $75.

Comprehensive Nutritional Therapy Coaching

Are you ready to dive deep and take action on improving your health? Each program (1 month or 6 months) includes health assessments tools (what’s making you sick and why), determination of the right food/diet for you, supplement suggestions, and healthy lifestyle lessons and strategies. Your personalized nutrition and wellness program’s timing may vary depending on your current health state.

Start HERE:
In this initial intake session, we’ll assess the best approach for your personal health journey. Together we’ll look at your health history and set goals, then determine which nutrition and wellness program is the best fit: 1 month or 6 months.

Initial Intake & Action Plan. 90 minutes, $195.

Ready to jump right in and invest in your health? Book a full 1 or 6 month program below!

Program Descriptions

Mini Nutrition Reset

Want to dip your toes into the world of nutrition? Learn how to shift your mindset, correct your course and choose the right food, supplements and lifestyle. This mini nutrition reset assesses and addresses your health issues head-on. You’ll get a clear picture of your body systems and a jump start on your personal health journey.

1 month nutrition program includes symptom burden analysis, basic food, supplement and lifestyle suggestions plus handouts and resources.


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Digestive Restoration Program

5-R System: 

  • Root out and remove the underlying offenders (what’s irritating your gut?) 
  • Replace the lacking nutrients critical to digestion
  • Repair the digestive tract
  • Reinoculate the microbiome
  • Restore the body to proper functioning

With this 1-to-1 nutritional therapy program you will discover how important the function of your gut is to your overall health, plus you’ll be supported with tools and clear mindset reset strategies to keep you healthy.  Let’s get started!

6 month program includes symptom burden analysis, food program and protocol for your specific health focus, handouts and resources, lab testing, PLUS goal setting and obstacle analysis coaching to “up” your accountability quotient. 

$997. Payment Plan available; book a free “Discovery Session” here for more info. 

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About Zoom | Online Conferencing
Virtual Clinic sessions conducted online use Zoom video conferencing. There is no charge to you from Zoom for use of its product. You’ll need connection to the internet for the duration of the session, as well as video capabilities.