About Kariman

About Kariman

I have celiac disease and am passionate about supporting others, particularly women, recently diagnosed with celiac disease. As a Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach, I’ve put my own celiac diagnosis into remission, and want to help you do the same!

I watched my mother die of complications stemming from untreated celiac and I struggled with the symptoms for over 15 years, too, as well as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. At last, the right combination of nutritional diet, gluten free lifestyle and healthy mindset set me free to live an inspired life.

Together, we can win your battle with gluten-based symptoms and autoimmune disease. Food sensitivities, celiac disease, thyroid disease – all can be addressed through the use of healing foods and nutritional therapy.

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Kariman Pierce, NTP  |  Accreditations

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Educational Path

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts so imagine my surprise when a passion for nutrition had me pursuing a science-based degree! My own wellness journey and growing desire for nutritional healing led me to certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) through the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc. Those rigorous studies in anatomy and physiology shed light on the inner workings of our human organ systems, teaching how bio-individual functional nutrition, based on the solid foundations of proper digestion, blood sugar balance, mineral balance, fatty acid balance and hydration are critical for optimal health and quality of life.

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My Health Journey Epiphany:
“Get busy having a good life!”

It is entirely up to me how I choose to live my life. I am responsible for ME, completely. I get to decide what I want to do and how I want to feel. 

For me, that means feeling the freedom to eat what my body needs so it will heal, moving so my body feels good and strong and taking the time to return to a positive mindset so I stay on my wellness path. My work as an educator and resource is directly related to my desire to share all that I’ve learned in my own healing journey.

“If sharing my story, along with education, resources and guidance provides you with hope, inspiration and the freedom to heal, then I have done my job.”

My early life = health. My parents, American archaeologists, were digging and researching in Jerusalem. We walked everywhere; got lots of fresh air and sunshine. We shopped for freshly picked produce in open-air markets. My mother intuitively fed me fresh fruits, vegetables and meats blended with avocado as my first foods. It was a vibrant, healthy, happy life. Then we moved back to the US and life changed with my parent’s divorce.

Diet changed, too. In the US, the McGovern Report, that set the first government nutrition guidelines, emphasized including whole grains and removing  fats from our diet. Mom faithfully fed me noodle casseroles with wheat germ. Smoothies were called “Tiger’s Milk” and were made with skim milk, a banana and more wheat germ. We often ate popcorn with our smoothies, knowing that it was another good grain.

At a time when pediatricians recommended 7-Up as the remedy for a stomach bug, my mom didn’t even allow white bread in the house. Once my Easter basket was filled with dried fruit and carob instead of chocolate! Healthy eating was a goal for us. So imagine the shock when she returned from foreign travel very ill, then was diagnosed with celiac disease. This was in the 80s with no gluten free counsel,  products or services available.

Nutritional Healing: The Way to Wellness

In my early twenties, I began having digestive symptoms similar to those my mother had experienced but at the time I didn’t make a direct association. A few years later, I developed severe peripheral neuropathy overnight. I couldn’t feel my feet or hands, and the muscles in those areas were severely atrophied, and I was barely able to walk or hold a glass in my hand.

Newly in love, I had to wonder if the severe symptoms would ultimately end the relationship (It didn’t, my amazing partner and I are still together). The doctors were puzzled. They said my nerve conduction was slower than a person who was paralyzed, and wondered how I could walk at all. According to their diagnostic blood tests, I looked like a very healthy person except for “high antibodies.” Placed on thyroid medication, I was released from the hospital – this is when a strong feeling came over me.

“I had a deeply intuitive sense that there was another way to heal, and I was determined to leave no stone unturned to find it.”

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I stopped eating gluten, began doing Yin Yoga, and discovered “green drinks.” I learned the importance of bowel elimination and the power of herbal remedies from Dr. Richard Schultze. Daily barefoot walks on the beach strengthened me.

Three years after the original neurological “attack” on my body, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and dove deep into being a mom. I watched with pride as my little boy learned to walk and then to run. But could I keep him safe, unable to run myself? A second son arrived. Being a fully healthy, engaged mother was top priority.

With confirmation of a celiac disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis, my efforts intensified to find a path to true health. Remembering my mother’s own feelings that food failed her, as well as her rapid health decline, I quickly realized the need for a different perspective on food and its preparation. Deeper research into food’s healing properties showed me how food has the power to create social and emotional connections, as well as build community. Through the example of my dedicated husband, who is an amazing chef, I have embraced cooking and love eating healthy, nourishing food!

Today, I enjoy a healthy, vibrant life with family and friends. It’s a life based on nutritional healing, personal growth and community connection. It’s a life you, too, can have. Let’s begin your nutritional health journey today, together.

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Client Testimonial

"Working with Kariman has been an absolutely amazing experience! My diet and relationship with food have been forever changed through our work together. I always thought that I had to work this low-fat diet and count calories, manage portions to maintain my weight loss of 40 pounds. This is so not true! By reducing my SUGAR intake and increasing my FAT intake, I have increased my energy tremendously and quite surprisingly, unintentionally lost another 5 pounds and dropped a size in clothes. I don’t think about calories anymore and don’t really watch my portions. I just make more sound food choices and listen to my body more to know when I’ve had enough. I never thought that was possible for me to do. Oh, and I stopped craving sugar!

Beth Auerbach