Inspiration in Hawai’i: 3 Simple Healing Strategies

Inspiration in Hawai’i: 3 Simple Healing Strategies

I have just returned from a sacred healing journey to Hawai’i.

Part of this journey included a very positive reconnection with my brother who is a minister of “Science of Mind”.  As we traveled together, I had the opportunity to learn more about his beautiful religious science philosophy that includes some powerful personal growth ideas.

kariman with swami and brother
My brother and I with the Swami at the Kaua'i Hindu Monastery.

While on the garden island of Kaua’i, I got to do all the juicy meditation and soul-searching that I have ever wanted to do!  It gave me a chance to think long and hard about my personal health journey, which I’ve been on for over 20 years.

What came up was profound. The truth is…

I am already well. 

By staying on my healing journey, “the quest”, it implies that I still have a great distance to go.

It does NOT acknowledge that I have successfully arrived at a place of health ALREADY!

This is so often the case for those of us who must take on our disease as part of life.  It becomes our constant reality and we miss the opportunity to experience the feeling of being well.

I know what you are saying now… “Wait a minute! I am not well! I have these symptoms etc….”

Yes, I hear you, but now I challenge you to take in this idea: 

You are alive and your body has unconditional love for you. Your body is taking care of things. And you are not only the sum total parts of your body!  You are so much more!

Now you are saying… “I like this concept, but how do I really KNOW this to be true?”

Well, that my friend, is the topic for today. 

“How to Heal from Autoimmune Issues Starting Right Now”

First of all, I am assuming you are doing all you can to take care of your body.  This means high-quality healthy food & drink and healthy, happy movement.

What is left after that? —>Our thoughts.

(Stick with me here and you’ll see where I am going!)

love sign sunset over ocean
Sunset over the ocean in Kaua'i.

Here are 3 powerful techniques to implement today:

1. The Healing Power of Loving Yourself. This can bring up hard feelings or maybe a little irritation.  I get it.  I’ve fought the concept for a long time. If you want to truly heal both body AND mind then it is time to push through and just do it.  

Here’s how:  Pick 1 time a day and sit quietly for 1 min (heck! set your phone timer if you need to) and repeat this statement: “I love myself”.  

Even within the short minute, your mind will wander.  They say we have an 8-second attention span these days due to distraction and technology! It is OK if you mind wanders.  Gently bring it back to the statement and keep repeating it until the minute is up.  Feel the emotional charge that comes up. Don’t connect it to anything.  Just give it a curious awareness and watch how it changes over time  If you commit to this VERY simple task daily, you will be blown away with the results in your life.  Positivity is a magnet that attracts the good!

2. The Healing Power of Practicing Forgiveness. When we think of forgiving, we often think of the concept of justice and absolving others from their wrong-doing. This is not what I am suggesting.

Instead, this forgiveness is entirely for your well being only.  

When someone cuts you off in traffic or takes the parking space you’ve been waiting for, it creates an unpleasant emotional charge for you.  

The “jerk” doesn’t even know he bugged you (although sometimes they do!).  The point is, the “jerk” has moved on and you are left feeling yucky.  

In these situations, try this:  Say “I forgive you” directly toward to person. Please note: I am NOT asking you to communicate verbally to the person or interact with them at all.

I am simply encouraging you to discharge your feelings.  You will be blown away by how quickly this disarms your emotional charge and you can move on with your day.  You will be skillfully able to “set down” the situation entirely. 

3. The Healing Power of YES & NO. This technique has to do with conscious choices and the empowerment you gain from being very clear in this area.  

Here’s how I often use it:  You know that little voice in your head that starts up with the negative talk? “I am always sick.  When will I ever be well?” or, “I think my boss is unhappy with my work performance” or “My husband didn’t kiss me when he got home, he must be mad at me” etc! When these negative messages pop in, I interrupt them with a big NO! (notice the shift of emotional energy to empowerment?) and then I immediately turn the thoughts around and restate them in the positive. “I am so proud of you for taking good care of yourself!” and “I trust that my boss is happy with my work performance!” and “My husband must be so tired after work today and forgot our routine. I’m going to go kiss him!”  Now what does your emotional charge feel like? Different, I expect!

You can also use the YES & NO concept to celebrate the positive.  I mean really, how often do you stop to give time and attention to what IS working and going well and right?  When you’ve had a satisfying day, when you’ve completed a big project, when you’ve hit a milestone, heck when you remembered to floss your teeth at night – give yourself a big “YES!”.  Again, notice the positive and self-reinforcing emotional charge!


I personally have been working with these 3 techniques consistently for 6 weeks now and it has changed me. I am feeling happier every day. I am able to speak up for myself as well as let frustrations roll off my back –  so. much. easier.  

And I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, what the heck does all this have to do with autoimmune disease? Well, I’ll tell you – from my experience it has to do with the other 1/2 of our healing process.

Those of us on this path have gotten REALLY good at the “body” part of mind-body. The “mind” half is what is often missed in our quest for healing.  

Autoimmune disease has an unknown cause. Conventionally, we throw meds at it.  Holistically, we throw diet and supplements at it. Both are routes to go. (You know my chosen route!)

And we are missing a HUGE piece of the puzzle.

Our mind and our body are connected!  In the 60s, 70s, and 80s we heard the mind-body concept being talked about in yoga and meditation classes.  In the last few decades, science has caught up to what the monks, mystics, and swamis have been saying for centuries.  There is absolutely a connection and science has proof! 

It is in this connection, healing from autoimmunity comes in to play.  If autoimmune disease is a mechanism where our body is attacking itself (not a fact, by the way, only an assumption) and we internalize this idea, we become disassociated with our own body.

I believe the only way to TRULY heal is to make that reconnection.  We have to learn again, or for the first time, that our body loves us. We have to tell our whole self (mind & body) that we love it, forgive it and celebrate it.

These techniques have renewed my excitement to guide, teach and coach each of you to be accountable for what you want in your life. Learning to love myself has broken my heart open and helped me recommit more deeply to my work.

And recently my clients are reporting to me that they are successfully reaching their goals and desired outcomes through our work!  What is more satisfying than that!?!

Thanks for listening.  (Can you tell I’m feeling good?)