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Does every day feel like you are “almost there” and yet you never quite arrive?

Are you a heart-centered helper or healer who is feeling stuck, frustrated, and lacking momentum? Oh! boy do I hear you….because I was there.

It wasn’t until I made a shift and stopped chasing another business funnel training or a how to use social media course that my own breakthrough arrived. 

What you are actually looking for is going to come from a personal deep dive into who you are BEING. 

What would it feel like to to have a clear roadmap to your success? What if every decision you make in your life and business going forward aligned perfectly with your true path and purpose? SERIOUSLY!  What could be possible for you?

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Confidence Building for Helpers and Healers

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As your Path and Purpose Mentor, I am that voice in your ear, that gentle nudge, that non-judgmental, yet brutally honest accountability partner. I am here to hold the space for ideas and growth. Most importantly, I am here to help you make sh*t happen…..seriously! Read about me here.

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From Stuck to Unstoppable Course

A course in Confidence Building for Helpers & Healers

10 weeks of Community, Connection and Collaboration

Using BE-DO-HAVE Curriculum and the Genius Zone System that Kariman created exclusively for her Path & Purpose Tribe.

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