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Are you a heart-centered holistic entrepreneur or business owner who is feeling stagnant, frustrated with lack of momentum or simply wanting to take your life and business to the next level? Let’s talk.

Listen, another business funnel or how to use Instagram course is fine (I say with a flat affect and air quotes) but the REAL SHIFT you are looking for is going to come from a personal deep dive.

After all, you are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for what you cause and create in this world!

What would it feel like to to have a clear roadmap to your success? What if every decision you make in your life and business aligned perfectly with this roadmap. (Spoiler alert—it is called a vision and it is NOT just an airy-fairy idea!)

Hey! Knowing where you are going with a guiding compass and a roadmap is THE game changer.
Are you ready?

As your Path and Purpose Mentor, I am that voice in your ear, that gentle nudge, that non-judgmental, yet brutally honest accountability partner. I am here to hold the space for ideas and growth. Most importantly, I am here to help you make sh*t happen…..seriously! Who am I? Read about me here.

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  • A MILLION ah-ha moments

All coaching via phone or Zoom web-conferencing platform.

Genius Zone Mastermind

Genius Zone Discovery System:

  • Get Emotionally Connected to your Vision
  • Energize your Inner Child
  • Notice your Zone of Genius
  • Identify your offer through the Zone of Genius lens
  • Unite and align who you ARE with your Offer
  • Stay connected to your Truth, Confidence and Value